Cutlery & Straws

Cutlery & Straws

Guaranteed plastic-free: Cutlery made of coconut wood and drinking straws made of bamboo

Bring pure nature to your table

From nature for nature: We use the wood of the coconut palm for our cutlery. Our coconut wood cutlery is made from the trunk of the coconut palm. The processing of renewable raw materials, without plastic and free of chemical substances is particularly close to our hearts.

Niu Coconut Design

Our Niu Coconut cutlery not only looks good with its stunning design with the typical wood grain, it also has an extra smooth surface and won't prick you!

Coco cutlery to go!
You want to take your knife, fork and spoon with you?
No problem! We have practical fabric bags in our shop for when you're on the go. Cutlery made of coconut wood is the perfect way to avoid plastic at your next barbecue around the campfire or picnic. Since the cutlery is made from coconut wood, it is completely biodegradable. With a mild cleaning with lukewarm soapy water, it will become your companion for many years.

Niu Coconut Bamboo Straws
Be stylish and sustainable with our bamboo straws! The ideal alternative to plastic straws, our straws are made from a rapidly renewable resource, are 100% environmentally friendly and reusable. In our shop you will also find cleaning brushes to clean the straws quickly and cleanly. And if you do need to replace them, you can be sure that they are biodegradable.


Family Pack 5 x Bamboo Straw
100% organic quality, no chemicals were used in the cultivation of our bamboo straws.
7,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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