Niu means coconut in Fiji

Our brand Niu bears a Fijian name and translates as "coconut". After all, it's all about coconuts, which are a natural part of everyday life in Fiji and a large part of nature. The things that can be made from them are certainly always surprising by our standards and habits. My very personal connection to Fiji is what makes up the idea of Niu and is reflected in everything we sell. If you're interested in Niu Coconut, I'm sure you'd be interested to know a little more about us. After all, there is a special story and philosophy behind this great idea. 

It all started in 2005, when I, Birgit Matanisiga, went to Australia for my MBA in Entrepreneurship and came into contact with a completely new topic through the Fijian family of my future husband. At that time, she was already producing high-quality coconut oils in her home country - which I thought could also be an enrichment for people in this country. I was simply thrilled by the idea of making this valuable natural product better known and also usable in our own country. The associated inspiration and conviction finally led to my business idea and its realisation. My very first company called Pacific Spirit was founded, where we sell lavashell (self-heating clams for massage), massage oils made from pure coconut oil, natural konjac sponges and much more. The very own character of Fiji is to be preserved and always flow into the products. 

From massage oils to everyday products, experience the benefits of coconut for yourself!

Not only its oil, but also the coconut itself is appreciated and used in many ways in Fiji. First of all, it serves as food with all its valuable components. But the husk can also be used in other ways, for example for the traditional kava ceremony. Here, very special ceremonial drinking bowls are used. So my new shop, Niu Coconut, is now intended to introduce my curious clientele to everything that can be made from the natural coconut husk. The natural utensils such as coconut bowls, cutlery, candles and candle holders not only look charming, but are also sustainable, as they are made of natural material and are very durable due to their robustness. The initially manageable range of coconut products will be further expanded in the future. Because there will always be inspiration, as long as I keep my beautiful memories of Fiji and of course travel there every now and then to bring back new ideas.  

Kokosnuss Fidschi

Second business with the idea of Fiji after the first success

Since the first business idea with Fijian products was so successful and it has been some time since we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Pacific Spirit with a special stand, in the future all energy will be invested in Niu Coconut for the time being. In this shop, we will implement another of Fiji's ideas and ensure that the beautiful products embellish your home or other places with their flair. Of course, they can also be used very practically in everyday life. However, we do not buy the coconut shells used for this directly in Fiji, as this would be too expensive to transport, but in Vietnam. For the sake of transparency, we point this out here. However, the philosophy of Fiji is always in our minds and will never be forgotten.